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Ralph Lauren Sunglasses - Timeless Classicism at Its Best
By Stuart Wallace

If you are a person with a penchant for the latest happening trends then you must be having enough info about the numerous designer sunglasses brands that dominate the fashion scene today. Even more interesting are the stories associating each brands, how a particular brand started as a teeny-weeny venture of a visionary and expanded into a world renowned house. One such popular brand is Ralph Lauren.

Today, Ralph Lauren is synonymous with top quality and classic style evocative of the high society culture of the past. Ralph Lauren sunglasses give a semblance of timeless elegance and emphasize more on everlasting quality and style. They are for people who are not slaves to the ever changing fashion trends.

But the rosy picture that the reputation of the brand presents tells just the half story behind its success. In fact there is a rags-to-riches story behind the passion and dedication of the man, the inimitable Ralph Lauren himself.

A brief history over time

Born in Bronx, New York to Jewish immigrants Fraydl and Frank Lifshitz, Ralph Lauren sunglasses was highly passionate towards quality clothing and started his quest early for designer fashion by selling ties to his fellow classmates. In 1967, he introduced the Polo line of ties in collaboration with Hilton. Since then there has been no looking back and today, the Ralph Lauren name is celebrated for its endeavor towards excellence in turning out the best products for fashion conscious men and women- whether it be clothing, home décor or accessories like designer sunglasses.

Unique features of Ralph Lauren sunglasses

-All models are UV-400 rated which means the best anti-glare protection. Sunglasses which have lenses with UV-400 ratings provide 100% blocking from harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers.

-They are available in a range of sophisticated and funky colors, from sleek metal finishes to pink and aubergine shades.

-Available in different shapes and styles, the popular ones are aviators, wrap, square, oval and ribbon frames for both men and women.

-Other exclusive characteristics are polarized shades, mirror and gradient lenses etc.

The Ralph Lauren signature is a much vaunted one with fashionistas. Whatever be your preference, whether you are making your selection from the mens sunglasses line or women's sunglasses collection, an authentic pair will definitely up your glam quotient. You can consider the following models; they are the popular favorites in the current season- RL7011, RL7012, RL7018 and RL8001 sunglasses.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wholesale Designer Sunglasses

Wholesale Designer Sunglasses - Epitome of Price and StyleBeing the most beautiful parts of human body, eyes are the most luscious possession given to us by Mother Nature. But eyes are as sensitive as they are beautiful and needless to say as necessary as well. For all these reasons and more, people tend to take extra care of them. And it won’t be wrong to say that person without eye sight can tell its real worth. They are sorry to miss the beauty of the world. This is the reason why its recommended to take special care of their eyes, so that they can see this beautiful world as long as they survive and live. Sunglasses come into the picture as the eternal eye care and protection product.

Sunglasses are the best way to protect eyes from dust, dirt, smoke and other harmful substances. When added with special design appeal they act as multiplication factors for the beauty. This is the reason wholesale designer sunglasses have become so popular. Wholesale designer sunglasses add the oomph to any dull and mundane personality. Similarly wholesale designer sunglasses also jazz up the lifestyle and infuse the confidence one looks for. The sum total is why wholesale designer sunglasses are always in demand among the trendy public.

With the changing of times people need immediate lifestyle renovation and personality makeover. The main force pushing this attitude is Peer pressure. Everyone wants to give their best shot amidst the group. Almost everyone is ready to go an extra mile of personal grooming. The net result is that wholesale designer sunglasses have become an inseparable part and parcel of today's attire. While most of the people look towards them as the status symbol and want to own best designer sunglasses in town.

There are few among those seeking wholesale designer sunglasses, who think that while buying wholesale designer sunglasses quality, style and durability should also be kept in mind. This has led to a sudden rise in demand for whole sale designer sunglasses in the world wherein people look for the labelled sunglasses that too preferably Gucci and Oakley. While these are among the best deals available, mind you they are very costly.

Thus if you are looking for an affordable alternative, the Internet is the best place to look for wholesale designer sunglasses as therein you can find array of sunglasses. The most important thing to be considered is that the wholesale designer sunglasses must be value for money and good quality.

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By Vivek Sharma

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